Do you have a prayer bench?

This picture of my prayer bench is very poetic. It shows a treasured spot under the embrace of winter. How like our prayer lives when we take time away from spending time in prayer. When the prayer bench was placed in this grove of oak trees the desire of my heart was to spend many hours sitting here talking to the Lord and listening to Him. In reality it’s just a spot. Symbolically it’s much like the seasons of prayer we go through as Christians. Sometimes there’s a great desire to go to that spot. Other times it’s hard to take the time to go and sit there. There are many distractions in this place. Although it seems to be secluded and private the reality is when I sit there everything from the birds, horses, the dogs and the neighbors distract me. My own thoughts can carry me away! We have a real prayer bench in our heart. A place where we need to spend time with the Father and our Lord Jesus. Prayers can be short and direct like when Peter stepped out of the boat walking on the water to the Lord and he started to sink, being overwhelmed by what he saw around him. Peter cried out, “Lord save me”. The Lord answered that prayer! or Nehemiah chapter 9:5-38, Nehemiah praying out his heart. This is noted as what some call the longest prayer in the bible. Psalm 119 is also a long prayer. Length or poetry or song the heart yearning for the Lord reaching out to Him, stretching out, crying out to be embraced in fellowship with Him is a place of prayer. It is good to go to a quiet place and pray. Even Jesus did it. Going off to a quiet place in and of itself is not the whole package. When my kids were little they knew when Mom said she was taking tub time it meant I was going into bathe and pray. That was my quiet place then. My bible in hand I would pour out before the Lord and then wait on Him as He poured in. Sometimes it’s the car in a parking lot. A bench by the Bay. A few minutes sitting in the barn or when I’m doing chores. If I’m pouring out before Him and He’s pouring in, I’m on the prayer bench. 

One of my favorite prayers to read is in the Gospel of John chapter 17. There I can actually read words Jesus prayed for me! 

There is a model of prayer when the disciples came to Jesus and asked Lord teach us to pray, (Matthew 6:5-15). 

In Revelation chapter 5 verse 8, it tells us of golden bowls full of incense which are the prayers of the Saints. Wow! think of that! your prayers rising up in the throne room of God like golden bowls full of incense! 

May our prayers rise up and give Him glory!!!!



About Jesus Follower

A Christian for over 30 years I love the study of the bible and the application of it to live a life pleasing to God.
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